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The Great Detective—Sherlock Holmes.


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Oak TreeHurricane Irene has come and gone, and my trees are still firmly rooted. Hopefully. I love my trees, gorgeous tall old oaks, but heck, when the winds were blowing–scary stuff!

But we all made it. And it was great because the lights went out, all around the blocks, and we went out with the kids and saw…the stars.

StarsOK, yes, on any cloudless night, you can look up and see stars, but you don’t know until the lights are REALLY out just how many stars there are to see. Not if you live in the suburbs of New York City. We have so much background light that it’s impossible to get those dark, dark nights where you can lean back and feel all you have to do is reach up a hand to grab some starlight magic. So that was fun.

Since no one got hurt, and the electricity was only off for the day, we could get past the inconvenience of it all, and the fear of bad things happening, and do some family bonding. No opening the fridge 20 times to see the same fiScrabble tilesve snacks that you don’t want, figuring out what to eat that we don’t have to cook (shh, I have a gas stove, but I wasn’t cooking) , playing board games by candlelight (I am so good at Scrabble it’s frightening), no computer, no TV, no book reading, really, since it was so gloomy, and no going to the store–any store. Ah, peace!

Except for that wind thing, of course.

It was enough to make you appreciate what you have, to wonder how people used to, and do, live without all the modern conveniences we take for granted, and to imagine what things would be like if…fill in the blank of your choosing.

All in all, it’s a good day when at the end of it you have your loved ones next to you and some stars to wish on.

Hmm, an earthquake and hurricane in the same week, strange things are happening… Hope everyone else did all right in the storm! Anybody else have an Irene experience to share?  Or perhaps your own moment of appreciation, bad-thing turned good?

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